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Feed Water & Fuel Oil Service Tanks

Feed Water & Fuel Oil Service Tanks

Liquid fuel fired boilers require make-up and feed water tanks for normal operation. These are open-to-atmosphere tanks fitted with level indicators and various nozzles and are manufactured in standard capacities for various boiler sizes. For quick installation at site, these tanks are also available with pre-fabricated mounting structures.

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De-Aeration Tanks

De-Aeration Tanks

Heating and cooling cycles require provision for expansion and contraction of heating oil, which also needs to be shielded from atmospheric oxidation and de-gradation. The vapors arising from hot oil surface being hazardous, need to be let out to atmosphere in a safe manner.

All this is achieved in a unique DE tank comprising of three functional sections - de-aeration section to remove trapped vapors from hot oil, a buffer zone to isolate hot circulating oil from the stored tank oil and the main tank body to accommodate. expansion/contraction of thermal oil in circulation.

This tank also carries nozzles for topping up of thermal oil over an extended operating period, over-flow, drain nozzles & level indicator. Hot oil piping is thus simplified to a great extent by using this combination tank.

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Expansion Tanks For Hot Water Generators

Expansion Tanks For Hot Water Generators

In pressurized hot water heating systems, circulating hot water is maintained under hydraulic pressure higher than saturation point to avoid steam formation. Further, provision has to be made to account for expansion and contraction of water mass under circulation. Both these are achieved through the use of a pressurized expansion tank, fitted with necessary valves and instruments. Expansion tank is pressurized with the help of compressed air or nitrogen al pressure corresponding to hot water outlet temperature from boiler, These tanks are made in various sizes and are available as standard accessories for hot water generators.

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Water Softeners And Filters For Water Treatment

Water Softeners And Filters For Water Treatment

Water Softeners

We design water softeners for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The main unit is made from corrosion resistant fiberglass and is skid mounted. It is supplied preassembled with water pump and starter.

A wide variety of models in standard configurations as well as custom built units to suit customers specific applications are available.

Typical Industrial Water Softener Applications
  • Water softeners are used in a wide variety of applications like milk dairies, food processing units, chemical processing factories, pharmaceutical units, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, laundries, boiler feed water, apartments & resorts.
  • Using the correct softener increases the boiler efficiency and life. Costly boiler repairs can be greatly reduced.


Activated Carbon Filters are designed and manufactured with dual filtering media like sand and activated carbon. These filters can be used as initial unit for industrial water treatment. It is also used as pretreatment and tertiary treatment of waste water. These filters comprises of a steel pressure vessels or FRP Vessels containing activated carbon granules as filter media. Activated carbon is porous carbon material. Due to its highly developed porous structure and huge specific surface area, activated carbon has very strong adsorption capacity. It removes bad odour of water. It is used as a catalyst or catalyst carrier, to find wide applications in industrial production, agriculture environmental protection.

These filters are fitted with valves for inlet, outlet, drain and backwash with suitable piping size to meet the specification of customer and capacity designed by customer. It is used in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical industries.

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